Save them all: dogs who need you!

Alexis, Bruno, Santosh, are dogs who for different reasons ended up in need of help in Cyprus.

Every story of a stray dog who ended up in a dog rescue organization always has two sides. One is the “Before” side, which was never a happy story. This is something people in the animal welfare field like to focus on a lot unfortunately……But there is another side: a bunch of complete strangers got together, put their differences, political views, and even egos aside and decide to save the world! Ha-ha, we wish! But let’s just be honest, we are not super-heroes, we are not saving the world. We just decided to help as many dogs as we can. As simple as that.

We are not solving poverty or stopping wars. We pay our respects to dogs, who we believe shaped us as humans we are now and we should be more thankful to them for that. Isn’t it a happy story in itself? Doesn’t it make you feel that there is a hope as long as people can work together to help those in need?

I have been writing fundraisers for 7 years now and I am exhausted and too tired to write yet another competitive sad story to motivate people to donate. Look, every story is sad. It is not a competition, but if you are sponsor who is just about to donate, I so respect and admire you that I do not wish to write some sobbing story that would make you cry in front of your computer screen, at work. I want to show you the other side. If you donate, these three dogs will get an amazing chance to fly to their foster families. That even though Santosh is adopted, flights are so expensive that often times the adoption fee is not enough we have to fundraise the difference.

If you donate the world tomorrow will be exactly the same for most of humans, EXCEPT 3 dogs and bunch of super happy volunteers who’s hearts are beating to serve and help those dogs.

So this is really each sponsor’s choice. We believe that you do not have to cry your eyes out to recognize that someone needs help. If you can scrape few euros from your piggy bank , please think of giving them to Bruno, Alexis, and Santosh, so they can reach their Happy Destination!