Sled Dog Rescue Pet of the Week: Lilou

Husky Malamute Cross Lilou

Sweetest, most playful, loveliest young girl Lilou is up for adoption. She is fantastic with other dogs, fantastic with people, but no chance to test her with cats yet.

Lilou is not more than 2 years old. Her ex owner loved her very much but due to bad luck and special circumstances Lilou has to find new home. She is well mannered, good on the lead and simply sugar girl.

We also will try to arrange X-rays, as we suspect there is a chance she may have HD due to slight stiffness in her back legs.

She is doing fine, she has a friend in the kennels to keep her company, but she needs home of her own.

Update 23. July

Blood tests showed Lilou was Erlichia positive and now she will be on pills for one month. You probably remember our concern in regards of her hips. Unfortunately it was confirmed that Lilou has bilateral patella luxation, but x-rays can be done only after she finishes her Erlichia treatment. Lilou is not as big as she looks, she is around 26 kg. Today we will be arranging moving her to foster home. Poor little Lilou, she is one of the most obedient dogs in our rescue , she is absolutely friendly with cats, dogs, people. We are hoping she can find a forever home… but for now, fingers crossed foster home can accept her asap.

Update 27. July

Lilou recovered after her surgeries little sweetie now needs forever home. A lot of owners or huskies and malamutes dream of their dogs not chasing everything that moves ( except dogs) and has fur. Some snow dogs don’t mind other furry friends, but many actually hunt them. Lilou is a dream Malamute. She does not mind pet goats, cats, dogs, geese… She just does not have it in her. Such an easy going girl. Lilou needs a home with yard, where she won’t have to walk a lot of stairs, she won’t pull the sled or cart, due to her knee dislocation surgeries. She is still active and she does not like the heat in Cyprus.

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