Thank you to ” Matching Donation” donors!

Dear Supporters,

With this letter we want to thank you for your empathy and willingness to help. On February 24th we started Online Matching Donation Fundraiser. An Anonymous Sponsor offered to match every 25 euros or 50 euros donation by donating  exactly the same amount. If you donate 25 euros, Sponsor will raise it to 50 Euros.

Today we are happy to announce that we reached our goal + little tip. We collected 1004,48 Euros. 

We used this amount to pay part of the veterinary bill of 1041,30 Euros. This will allow us to continue maintaining good relationships with the vet and dogs will continue receive needed treatment.

Below is the list of wonderful people who helped :

Claudia B – 25 Euros
Annemarie R. – 50 Euros

Kristin R. – 25 Euros
Sabine G. – 25 Euros

Simone R – 25 Euros

Nicole M – 50 Euros

Thomas R – 50 Euros

Sian J – 154,01 Euros

Ina G – 50 Euros

Christina B. – 25,47 Euros
Oana P. – 25 Euros

All the above donations were matched by an Anonymous Sponsor.

On behalf of our volunteers and staff, we want to thank you all for being such wonderful and helpful people! 

With a support of such passionate people we are sure we can make the world a little better place for doggies. 

Best wishes
SDR Fundraising Squad