Update June 2020: Platon & Puppies

The highlight of this week is Platon. He appointed himself as a nanny, fitness trainer, spiritual leader, emotional support and a father figure for puppies =D

All that puppy raising can be very exhausting =)

Platon is a fantastic dog, but the environment of the Sanctuary is not what he needs. He craves human interaction, and he loves to go on adventures and do things with people. If there is one thing we can not provide to the dogs, it is equivalent to the individual attention they would get in the family. It is a reason he earned a reputation of an escape expert. Even with secure fences, we could never be sure. Platon is a natural problem solver, so no fence is a problem if he wants to go on an adventure. For this reason, he was the only husky who would be outside under constant supervision and on the leash in the big garden.

However, since we introduced him to the puppies, he no longer interested in going anywhere. His favorite thing to do now is playing and hanging out with puppies every day.


Platon always finds ways to surprise us and brings a lot of laughter to our lives. When we rescued him, we could not have imagined that such a wonderful dog would wait for so long in rescue. 

We can only hope there is someone special for him!

If you want to see more videos and photos of Platon, please visit his main profile page. There you can also learn more about his personality.

Sometimes we want to adopt a dog, but life circumstances do not allow it just yet. Don’t worry. You can still help the dog that makes your heart beat faster. Platon has not been fully sponsored for months, so if you could donate even a little bit, it will mean a lot to him and to all of us.

You can choose to sponsor Platon via:

1. PayPal: info@sled-dog-rescue.com

2. Bank Account : 


IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74


3. You can also subscribe to a monthly donation via Sponsorship program.