Wonderful Samoyed Bianca needs new home

UPDATE November 2018 ; Bianca found wonderful home in Germany.


The most difficult stories are the ones in which bad things happen to good people and no one is at fault. Where life itself is a bad guy… and it feels unfair, unjust, but there is nothing one can do to change it, but try to make the best of it.
The life circumstances of Bianca’s adoptive family forced them to make the hard decision to let go of the beloved dog they were so excited to collect on cold February night at Amsterdam airport.

One of our biggest fears as dog lovers is to be in the situation where giving your dog a chance for a life you can no longer provide is the best you can do.

It was a heartbreaking moment, but Bianca’s joyful, smiley and easily adapting personality made it so much easier for everyone.

She is currently in foster care in The Hague, sharing her home with another dog, two cats and a child. From day one she settled in without any problems. Bianca has an exceptionally social personality and on her walks she wants to play with every dog. In general Bianca has quite good recall, but in the past she also managed to hunt a hare and she does chase birds, so this is something to keep in mind. With little bit more bonding and little bit more work, she can adapt to walk off leash without running away after birds. Hares though, may be too much of seduction no matter what.

We know that Bianca looks white and fluffy like a cloud, and that look may attract people who love dogs but may not be ready to have a Nordic in their lives. Bianca is accustomed to a certain life style that would have to be maintained by the new family. That means following:

1. Lots of walks and exercise: Bianca is a powerful, and strong dog who loves to run. Canicross or even potentially bikejoring could be good ways to bond with her.

2. Social life: Samoyeds are very social dogs and Bianca is not different. She needs company of dogs as much as she needs company of people. You’d have to be able to take her on her dates with friends =)

3. Coat and health: Bianca has exceptionally lush and beautiful coat that needs weekly brushing. Apart from that Bianca can not be fed kibble diet as it makes her teeth dirty. She is currently fed raw meat diet, and she absolutely loves it. Family would have to adapt to feed her raw meat. We can provide necessary guidance and give references.

Bianca bonding with new friends on June 16th 2018

Bianca is looking for active family or individual who will participate in her life. She is a sweet, adorable, loving and perfect dog, who deserves the best in her life.

You can find more information and adoption application by clicking HERE